Top 5 Best sex shops in Perth

Make your life more sexy!

Do you want to make your sex life more exciting? Of course you do! But how do you do that? Time to visit a sex shop! Perth sex shops are modern and friendly and you can comfortably talk to the staff and get advice on how to make your sex life more exciting. Here’s my list of the 5 best sex shops in Perth:

best sex shop in Perth for adults

Make your sex life more exciting with: Adult Shop.

They have a few different adult shops around Perth, so wherever you live, it’s easy to pick up a new toy whenever you are in the mood for something kinky…

They also have a great online shop.

For more info, please visit Adult Shop.

Contact: Adult Shop

Lovehoney is one of the 5 best sex shops in Perth

Most people shop online these days, so the first on my list has the best website and the best prices: Lovehoney

If you don’t like what you bought online, no problem! They offer FREE returns.

Don’t know which sex toy to buy? Check out their buyer’s guides.

They have the best prices. So you save time and money when you shop online.

Ready to make your life more sexy?  Visit

Contact: LoveHoney

Club X is one of the top sex shops in Perth since 1975

Make your life more sexy with Club X.

Club X is a fantastic sex store with a huge range of options for sex toys and adult entertainment. Combine this with with a very central location in the heart of Perth CBD, it’s is easy to access by public transport and definitely one of the best sex shops in Perth.

They also have an online shop.

For more info, please visit Club X.

Contact: Club X

Lovers is the best sex shop to find adult sex toys in Perth

Another great adult shop in Perth is Lovers Shop.

This sex shop is a massive warehouse full of every single sex toy you can imagine! There is way more choice of products compared to the smaller sex shops in Perth CBD, so you will for sure find original sex toys like the that might not be available elsewhere like the Australian version of the Hitachi magic wand called the Oz Wand massager.

For more info, please visit Lovers Shop.

Contact: Lovers

Libido is a great sex shop in Perth

This shop has the best location: Libido.

It’s right in the middle of Perth city. Which means you can even shop there during your lunch break if you are feeling horny…

This adult shop sells sex toys, powerful vibrators similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand massager, sexy costumes, lingerie and funny novelty products.

For more info, please visit Libido.

Contact: Libido

Best overall: LoveHoney

They have the best prices, friendly service and free returns.

Are you ready to boost your sex life? If you want to boost your sex life, you know what to do: Visit a sex shop!

Remember, you can save time and money if you shop at online sex shops like Club X or Lovehoney.

Not in Perth? Check out other sex shops in Melbourne city, Brisbane city, Adelaide citySydney city or visit online sex shops.