Hitachi Magic Wand Australia

Hitachi magic wand in Australia

Australia’s answer to the Hitachi magic wand

Hitachi magic wand in Australia

Why is the Hitachi magic wand not available in Australia?

The original Hitachi magic wand only works with American voltage… that’s why it’s not available for sale in Australia. The Oz Wand® Massager is similar to the Hitachi. It works with Australian voltage and has an Australian plug.

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Good news: I updated the photos on this page to show our new packaging and the new version of our wand massager which we upgraded with even more vibration patterns and the ability to choose your preferred speed. You can also control the desired intensity of the vibrations for a soft personal massage or intense massage. Happy shopping!

Hitachi Magic Wand Australia

We are proud to offer this Hitachi magic wand Australia to our Australian customers and also in New Zealand since it’s a best-selling vibrator around the world since many years. We also just opened a second warehouse in western Australia for fast delivery via express post. We have thousands of units of this product in stock. Make sure you check our special offers as we currently have a coupon code to save $20 on your purchase. Use coupon code SALE20 at checkout to save money before sending your payment. These special offers are also valid for our customers in New Zealand and can help you save money since you are eligible for the discount. Just enter the coupon code at checkout before paying with your credit card and enjoy your discount and free delivery from our store to your house. We have thousands of these best-selling products in stock.

If you are a customer who is looking for a product with an affordable price, strong power, and fast delivery, then the Hitachi magic wand rechargeable is the product that you should purchase. This product is a wand massager with a flexible silicone neck and comes with a replacement warranty for 30 days even if you are in New Zealand. But be careful as the Hitachi Magic Wand rechargeable is not waterproof. The white silicone head can provide deep relief to your personal body parts. This wand massager is inspired by the magic wand original and has the same speed, price, and you will feel its vibration. This corded Australian product feature the best power for its price range and we know that it will give you pleasure, relief and that you will be a happy customer for years to come.

What is the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable?

You might be wondering what is the difference between the Magic Wand Original from the USA and the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable. Many customers ask us this question so let’s explain it in more detail. The Hitachi Magic Wand rechargeable is the exact same thing as the corded Magic Wand Original (also named Hitachi wand), but it is a more modern version that is cordless and has more features. You can charge it for a few hours and enjoy your personal massage with more freedom of movement and more control since it has no electric cable and it’s cordless. It’s also good for electrical safety. Just choose your speed and enjoy the power.

The price is also different. The cordless version of this product sells for a higher price than the original. The length of both products is the same and they both have a comfortable silicone head and flexible nack and you can also buy an attachment to stimulate your g-spot. The electrical safety level for both units is the same.

What about the Original Magic Wand?

No that might sound good, but bear in mind that most people prefer the original magic wand massager from the USA instead of the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable, even if the latter is a cordless product and has more features. Why? Imagine that you are in the middle of your personal massage session, just about to climax, and the batteries run out… Not a good experience. While the corded original magic wand massager has an electric cable that plugs directly in the wall, so not only you will never run out of battery, you also get stronger vibrations than with the Magic Wand Rechargeable, since you take advantage of the full-electric power. And you will be able to enjoy your personal massagers and increase your wellness and pleasure, anywhere, anytime.

It is really up to you to see which type of Hitachi Magic Wand is best for you. Some customers purchase both models for more freedom and flexibility. It’s a personal choice because you know what’s best for your body. Many people like to add an attachment to the massager as well. Please note that both products are not waterproof so do not use them near water, whether you use them alone or with a partner. This type of vibrator is

Vibrations patterns

The original magic wand is a product that has only 2 vibration speeds. One is a slow rumble and the 2nd mode has a faster and stronger effect. The Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable has 4 different speeds and it also has 5 different vibration patterns for more fun and more stimulation. So it is the best of both worlds: you can enjoy this product the same way as many women enjoyed it in the past since 1965, or take it to the next level and play around with the patterns for more surprising and relaxing personal stimulation.

How to use

Using the Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable is very easy. Just place this product on your clitoris, choose the speed you like, and enjoy! It can also be used as a muscle massager anywhere on your body, like on your back or on your neck, to relax your muscles after working out or after a long day at work. After all, that’s what it was actually created for! It’s only after that women realized that using the magic wand massager on their intimate parts was also a lot of fun… You can control the massager in any way you like to experience a nice personal relaxing session and to improve your health.

30 days Replacement Warranty

If you receive a faulty product, you can return it within 30 days to get a replacement in the mail. Please make sure that your magic wand massager is not used and that the product is still in its original packaging. This warranty applies to all the massagers sent to our customers in Oz and in New Zealand. We will gladly accept your returns. Please make sure that you never use your magic wand massager near water to ensure electrical safety as this product is not waterproof. It’s the only feature that is missing in this device, but it’s the only way to make it safe and legal in the market since it is an electrical device that needs compliance with 240v voltage… The safety and wellness of your body and your partner’s body are very important to us. Please contact us if you prefer to buy the Hitachi Magic Wand rechargeable. You will be amazed when you see its speed.

Beware of FAKE Hitachi magic wands

In Australia, the Hitachi magic wand is called the Oz Wand massager
  • All the Hitachi magic wands sold in Australia are fake.

  • The genuine Hitachi magic wand is not available in Australia

  • Fakes are sold on Australian websites, Ebay, Gumtree & adult shops

  • Any ‘Hitachi’ that works with Australian voltage is fake. (The genuine Hitachi only works with American voltage)
  • Hitachi doesn’t authorize the sale of this product outside of America

  • Oz Wand® is Australia’s answer to the Hitachi magic wand.

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Powerful vibrations. Powerful orgasms.

The ‘wand’ type of massager has the most powerful motor of all vibrators. It’s not just stronger than most vibrators — it’s also more efficient at making you feel good.

Hitachi magic wand head in Australia (Oz Wand massager)

Reach your climax. Every time.

Men often climax faster than women… Now you can both climax together. Every time.

happy woman using the Hitachi magic wand in Australia

The most powerful orgasm machine

Engineered for maximum pleasure.

  • 2 Powerful speeds + 8 pulse functions

  • Powerful vibrations: up to 8000 RPM

  • 100% Electric operation. No batteries needed.

  • Removable silicone head. Easy to clean.

  • Length 32cm | Head diameter: 5.5cm

  • Cord length: 180cm. Plug type: Australia

  • Voltage: 100v-240v (can be used anywhere in the world)

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Featured in Cosmopolitan, MediumEngadget & Playboy

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Oz Wand has powerful vibrations and gives very intense orgasms, just like the Hitachi. The only difference is that it works with Australian voltage. (The Hitachi only works in America).

No. You can only buy the Hitachi magic wand in USA or in the UK, but even if you do, it wouldn’t work in Australia because it only works with American voltage (120V volts).

Your credit card statement will only show ‘MAGIC’.

Yes. You’ll receive your Oz Magic Wand very discreetly in a plain brown box with no images and no description about what’s inside the box. 100% anonymous… even the postman won’t know what’s in the box!

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Shipping Information

Free shipping

Free shipping. Shipped from Sydney with tracking number (2 days Australia-wide).

Discreet shipping

Discreet shipping in plain brown box with no images. 100% anonymous.

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty in Australia and New Zealand.

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